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For a system of three door/window sensors and a motion detector, monitoring equipment costs are $109.

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It's easy to set up and has excellent smart home compatibility.

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“Your average criminal is looking for a crime of opportunity, an unlocked door, or swiping a package off your front porch,” Both says.

security system review

We had trouble with the app for the external cameras, and when asking if there was a way to access the cameras via an internet browser on a computer, we were informed that the app was the only means for viewing. When inquiring as to how we could view the external camera activity if the app wasn’t working, they indicated that we should hook up a monitor to the DVR system the equipment that powers the external cameras. When installing our system, we were never advised that we should hook up a monitor to this system so that we could view activity. Additionally, this solution doesn’t solve the problem if we are attempting to view the external camera activity from a remote location. I recognize that integrating this type of technology is complicated, but the other security system provider that we had previously used was able to combine all cameras into one system which could be viewed either via app or internet browser. It was the most recent technical problem that convinced me that using ADT was a big mistake.

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As a sales representative you have the option to protect each house differently.

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